We provide both residential and commercial services to our clients. Here are the various services that you can receive from us.



We provide high quality plumbing services for our customers. This can be anything from fixing a leaking tap to fitting a new toilet or kitchen sink. There are many items in your house that needs the skill of plumbers to fix them. After completing the service, our handyman provides checks to ensure that there is no water damage or any other damage.  



We can provide all kinds of repair jobs related to electricity. You might fix some problems by yourself, but you may not have the proper tools. So, you can call us for help.

Bathroom fitter


Our handyman can make a great looking bathroom for your house. They can provide a well fitted and styled bathroom. We can provide all jobs needed for your bathroom.

Kitchen fitter


Our handyman has the expertise to fix your entire kitchen. Whether it’s the sink or the counter top, they have the necessary skills to install a great kitchen for you.



Do you have a hole in your roof? You need our help then. We provide roofing solutions to our clients. Roofs are very sensitive area. We can provide services like replaced slipped tiles, install guttering, roof window, chimney cover, etc. It is better to get help of a professional to fix problems related to roofs.

For all your jobs around the house or office just call us to get a quote. We can send someone for inspection around your house or office before starting to work.